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Money changes everything: exploring your attitudes toward money can be the first step in making personal and global transformations

The Millionairess Across the Street

Women: Lessons to Change Your Thinking and Achieve Wealth and Success. This book inspires women to think more powerfully about money and success and to be motivated by confidence, pride, and a belief in their own ability to manage it. Flores and Sander don't use fear of ending up alone or dependent as a motivator. Women will learn to enjoy the process of accumulating wealth and achieving success without the guilt and fear they traditionally experience.

The Millionaire Women’s Club is open to all women who have big ambitions and are seeking positive change within themselves and looking to make a difference in the world with the support of other proactive woman. You do not need to be a financial millionaire to join MWC.   You should want to aspire to be a millionaire spirtually, emotionally and financially!

Your First Million

Why is it that so few women plan to be millionaires (or "many-thousandaires," or even let's hear it for "self-supporting with some realistic plan for retirement") when so many men do? Why is it not the woman's responsibility, as much as the man's, to reach for the gold?

Women and Investing: Take Charge of Your Financial Life It's a harsh truth that instead of taking charge of their own financial futures, many women either leave money matters to the men in their lives or ignore the importance of planning altogether.

Gender Gap Narrowing?

Do Women Earn Less Because They Work Less? A look at women and wages and how that might impact their ability to become a millionairess.

Why we need the Paycheck Fairness Act - Census data shows that the gap between men’s and women’s earning widened between 2007 and 2008.

Women have an equal opportunity to become a millionaire. In fact, women's investment clubs outperform those of men. Since women live at least 3 years longer than a man and earn 25% less, they need to save for retirement more aggressively.

10 Secrets That Millionaires Keep: What Think the wealthy are all smart, friendly, spendthrift, spoiled and privileged? You might be surprised by the real forces behind their success.

Millionaire Moms' Secrets to Success
Learn how these women turned great ideas into booming businesses. Certain behaviors and traits that can aid an entrepreneur's success. Many of our Millionaire Moms share common attitudes, work ethics or ways of thinking about things

The secret worries of wealthy women MoneySorting out your life amid a pile of money is trickier than one might think. That's what I found out from Diane and 15 other wealthy women as they traded stories at a sleep-away camp for women with plenty of cash.

Meet the New Young Millionaires
Forget Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The founders of Facebook, YouTube, and other upstart companies are shaking up the business world -- and making millions along the way.

Women handle money better than men
Women are thought to handle money better than men. Statistics show they have to. Single women now outnumber married women, and two-thirds of women over 65 support themselves entirely on Social Security checks.

10 Steps To Retire A Millionaire
1. Set the Goal: Nobody plans to fail, but plenty of people fail to plan. 2. Start Saving
Far too many people never even start to save.

Socially Responsible Investing
The ethics of stock, bond, and mutual fund ownership Many people feel strongly about the political issues that confront the world today - abortion, environmental protection, and animal testing to name a few.

The Socially Responsible Investor
While it doesn't get much press, community investing is a key part of the revolution in socially responsible investing



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