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Authors of Financial Books for Women

Alan B. Ungar, CFP
Author of Financial Self-Confidence for the Suddenly Single

  1. What led you to write this book?

    At the time I was working with quite a few police widows. I was struck by how vulnerable they were to advice. I felt the book would help them manage a part of their life that was manageable--the money part. My hope was that they would be able to use the information to either do it themselves, or work with professionals without giving up thier power.

  2. What do you feel to be the biggest challenge facing women today when handling their finances?

    Understanding that they are perfectly capable of handling their finances.

  3. How has the atmosphere changed for women investors in the last 10 years?

    The financial community has targeted women investors. The information age has facilitated increased financial curiosity on the part of women.

  4. How will the atmosphere change for women investors in the next 10 years?

    As glass ceilings start shattering and more women become high profile exec's there will be more interest.

  5. Where did you start your career and how did it lead you to where you are today?

    This is my second career. I was a manufacturer of women's accessories and garments for 15 years before becoming a fee based Certified Financial Planner 20 years ago. When I was in the garment business I paid too much attention to that business and not enough time to my family's financial planning. That was motivation for getting into this business.

  6. How much money do you need to start investing?

    This is a function of how much reserve somebody needs. Investing is long term. People should not start investing unless they are willing to think in at least 5 year increments and they should not use money they might need on a short term basis.

  7. How should a woman get started investing with no investment experience?

    Either get some professional help or do homework to at least get comfortable with the vocabulary.

  8. If a woman has debt, at what point should she become an investor?

    This question cannot be answered without the whole financial picture.

  9. Have you published any other books before this one? If so, what are they?


  10. What are your future book writing plans?

    I am co-authoring with my partner Mark Sakanashi "Employee Stock A User Friendly Guide to Financial Freedom.



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