Types of Resumes

Types of Resumes

Your resume can be presented in 1 of 3 main arrangements–chronological, functional, or a combination of the two.

  • Chronological: Education and experience are listed in chronological order, usually from the most recent to the earliest. This format is excellent for those with a solid work history or who want to highlight their current position. View sample.
  • Functional: Great for highlighting transferable skills rather than work history, and particularly appropriate when you have gaps in your work history. View sample.
  • Combination: Combining the best elements of both the chronological and functional resume, this approach groups qualifications in patterns of accomplishments or skills. It’s especially effective for career-changers. View sample.

Don’t know where to start? Try the resume builder at Resume Genius

If writing a resume still seems impossible, consider hiring a professional resume writer to write it for you. The fee varies widely depending on the experience of the the resume writer and the complexity of your resume.


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