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Security Precautions


Security Precautions

Whenever you log onto a secure site, transactions are scrambled through what is referred to as an encryption method so that no one can understand the information being communicated back and forth between you and the bank.

There are 3 ways to determine if the site on which you’re banking is secure:

  1. Go to your bank’s homepage and log into your account by inputting your identity code (usually your Social Security number) and password. Notice that the lettering in the URL address will change from “http” to “https.” The extra “s” stands for “security,” and lets you know that the page is indeed secure.
  2. At the bottom left corner of your screen, a padlock icon will appear.
  3. You may also find a gold seal somewhere on the site that reads, “VeriSign Secure Site; Click to Verify.” VeriSign is a leading provider of Internet trust services, and its insignia is confirmation that your bank is certified as a secure domain.

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