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Factors to Consider

Factors to Consider

Here’s a quick checklist of items to consider when you’re evaluating a company’s culture. Not all of them will be important to you, but make sure you assess those you do care about.

Also, though you might not be able to tell how management responds to employee suggestions, the physical environment and the company’s investment in the necessary resources can hint at how management values its workforce.

  • What’s the dress code (Formal? Casual? Dress-down on Fridays only?)
  • Is there a strict hierarchy? (Are bosses called “Mr.” or “Ms.”? Do managers have offices or cubicles? Are the doors left open or closed? Is there an executive dining room? Do the top execs get reserved parking spaces close to the building while everyone else has to hoof it from the employee lot?)
  • What’s the physical environment like? (Do people have offices or open work areas? How are they decorated? Do you hear a lot of talk and laughter, or is it mostly silent?)
  • What kind of investment’s been made in equipment and technology? (What kinds of equipment are people using? Does everyone have the latest models or are they making do on old computers? Does it matter to you?)
  • Are there on-site perks? (Is there an employee gym or fitness center? A cafeteria? What other services are available to employees? Massage therapists, concierge services, on-site daycare?)

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